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  1. No mod items...I don't see where they do it any more than in the store. Most items have a baked AO...if you change it, by using your own textures, you lose a LOT of the details, such as shadows and folds. I do purchase a lot of items, such as hair, that *is* modifiable. However, what i do find is ruining the "mod" culture, is when people are copy-botting them, and selling them, making the creators change to a no-mod status. Quantity over quality...maybe it's the events that i go to, but most are of very high quality. These creators take a LOT of time and effort. there MIGHT be
  2. I have read a lot of the arguments on this, and I am one of those "evil gacha resellers" that purchase from gacha machines and resell at higher (or buy from yardsales, and again, resell higher). There is a high market of resellers, and those who want to purchase them. Like anything else, you should do the research before purchasing...and in gachas, in a lot of places, it IS possible to find the odds. Not all machines, however, a lot of the designer's machines have the percentage on the description line. Some events have a requirement on the percentage that the people are allowed
  3. I posted this in the long post "A Brief Note on pricing changes, which ran long". I spent a lot of time, and thought on it...but i feel it got lost in the long thread. I had hoped that there were suggestions in this post that might have had some good possibilities, so I am posting here, on it's own thread. Perhaps others can toss in their own suggestions, and maybe the Lindens can see, and maybe even comment. ((some edits from the original post will be added/changed, to make information correct)). Posted May 30 okay. I spent 1/2 hour writing this up...but inste
  4. for some it could be more than "sentimental" but emotional. an SL (or RL) mother/father/spouse/child/master/slave/whatever dead...one morning, log on to find they are "gone"...that could sometimes be a second 'death' also.
  5. tbh, a lot of those roles could be better handled outside of SL, in things such as Discord. I don't like having another window open, but for a lot of things, Discord is better. I.e. someone asking a question...and someone logs on an hour later, they can't see it, but could in a discord chat group. And no, i don't like having the discord open for most thing, however, the usability of it is MUCH better. for instance, say a mesh body. One general room, one for OT talk. then private rooms for management, creators, advertisers, bug reports, ...it opens a lot more options.
  6. average small business makes 1-3%. I understand that. However, they (theoretically) are getting at least a minimum wage. Even though once created, the objects made for sale in SL are "free", I do not know a lot of creators that are really getting a "minimum" wage from it. Cost of objects have gone down seriously in 10 years, forcing creators to have to rely on tactics such as 50L sales, to keep $$ coming in. And i constantly hear about how even at THAT rate, creators are ripping people off.
  7. Maybe for you it is 1-2 hours a day. Most of my friends list, it is minimum 3-4 hours, if not 8+ hours in that day. And i am not talking alts, or "sleeping". Active, working on creating, or dance clubs, or roleplaying, or just...whatever.
  8. Sadly, though, the new buildings are always the same generic areas. Country houses, and houseboats. I used to be gorean...would have been nice to have medieval themed areas back then, in both M and A rated area. Now that I am a child avatar on this account, what about G rated housing areas? Child AVATARS in the starter avatars. Heck. i own a children's clothing store on an M parcel. One day, I found that someone on the next sim over had a plywood prim wall all around their 1024. BEGS for peeking in...all sexual intercourse videos. Note....this parcel was less than 5m away f
  9. I agree that groups should not be taken away from non-premium members. However, there are a lot of people who DO need more groups. I don't want it at the expense of non-premium members...i want a WAY to add more group slots. But please don't just say "premium do not need more groups!!!"...as a lot of us are creators, or just store owners of various products, who have trouble juggling slots, just to bring product to the masses.
  10. i would like to know how the "last names" will work, in regards to the previous. Will you get the "same" ones? or will there somehow be a marked difference, so it's able to be told who is "older" and who "paid".
  11. It states that if you downgrade your membership, when you become premium again, you will get the stipend that is currently in effect. However, i had an argument with a person, who swore she's dropped and picked up her acct many times over the years, and she still gets 500/week, so...do at your own risk
  12. perhaps a little clearer wording then? to me, that sounds like 249 + 349 is required to get it. "Activation fee plus first month's tier?"
  13. Issues with prepaid and gift cards A common cause of payment method failure is the use of unsupported card types. At this time, the majority of prepaid cards are not compatible with our system, even if they bear the VISA/AMEX/Mastercard logo. This includes cards purchased at retail stores, rechargeable credit cards, and bank-issued check cards.
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