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  1. I don't mind paying extra for content, I work so I can do that, and I think having the thing is worth whatever is a reasonable cost, even if I sometimes have to have less of the thing. I have never ever drawn a dollar down from the game. I work there so I can live there. And I use my group to build a community, do we not need those any more? @Kat Linden just for the record, my IMs go to email, but I still regularly log on to the message that my messages have been capped
  2. Maybe people who haven't subscribed would be more enthusiastic if the result of a missed payment were not a frozen account. I simply cannot take the risk that something will go wrong with my payment and I will be locked out of the commitments I have inworld, that's an OP negative for me. Busted back to freebie account? Sure, I can work with that. Frozen out? Nope. Why can't I earn and pay for my subscription with Linden dollars? And if you were at the other end of the world from the Cool Kids, maybe you'd appreciate the importance of IMs more. Some of us need them to work. Same with
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