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  1. I myself have decided to cancel my premium membership as this makes no sense at all. They are just keeping people waiting and the regions are already prepared and can be uploaded at any time they wish. Using the console on my Open Simulator Server I just type in "load oar [filename]." Try visiting any empty region on "Belliesseria" and they are not building anything and one day they will just load complete regions just like magic. The other issue is lag, the empty regions are at 50 to 60FPS but the occupied regions are at 20FPS? Running your own simulator gives you an insight as to what is po
  2. Hi ya, I used to be known as Tonia Kara and I still go by that user name on OpenSim Grids. I have been on and off Second Life since 2008 and spend more time at my self hosted region on Osgrid but got interested again in SL after reading about the new homes and continent. I am not sure if people look at the world map and see that Bellisseria looks like a beautiful Sea Horse. I have read the recent posts and I think that maybe LL have already created everything in parallel and using something like OAR files as the regions may already be ready but will be replacing the empty regions on a predeter
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