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  1. I know. But i will find a new home eventually
  2. Thank you ^^ I actually am going to hold out for a home. I really wanted one. The boat was cool but I prefer the house
  3. Ok so after some thinking I released my Boat. I do not want to live next to this guy. I am going to be refreshing until I find a home. Or if more become available then fantastic. Whom ever gets my old place I wish you luck and just remember to restrict sounds. ^^
  4. It is alright. I just wish he would have went about it in a different way.
  5. I would but honestly I want my boat to look good i am going to move though as soon as houses are available.
  6. Thank you. For the most part I meet nice people. That was the first jerk I met in my time on SL
  7. Apparently the sound was never restricted to parcel when i got it. So i fixed it. It is now restricted.
  8. The problem is I thought the music was automatically restricted to my parcel. I had no idea that they could hear it. And i would be more likely to have seen an IM than a notecard. They sent me two note cards but i only knew that from me messaging the owner of the object. I was gone from SL for a week due to RL issues. They apparently had sent the first a week ago. So yeah it was really upsetting coming back to this. But when i read the message above when i tried to return the object i corrected the issue right away. I am more embarrassed about how my home looked.
  9. Ok i willl do that. I wish i knew to do that before.
  10. It is fixed. The neighbor basically put it there from his land.
  11. So I came home to this and not sure what to do. Never got a message about my sound but I fixed it. Sooo now I don't know how to get rid of this....
  12. Awe such a cutie! I love puppies
  13. I only need to send my kid off to school in the morning other than that no plans soooo I am just going to stay up xD. I am going to be dead tomorrow haha
  14. Not going to be able to sleep at all >.<
  15. It worked and I just got the crap scared outta me by Abnor Mole. He came out of the water as I turned
  16. I am hanging out over there but I can't see the new stuff. >.< I was hoping to get a peak. I did see the photos I just wanted to see in person
  17. This made my day. So worth creating this post
  18. You assume I have not been actively checking that post which I have. Being that there has been no update I wanted to put my own forum up. You are tired of seeing all the different ones put up then don't bother commenting.
  19. And we know that. But the problem is we have seen no update and everyone is anxious about it. There was really no reason for you to reply if you are so annoyed by everyone's posts asking for an update. I don't believe we are unreasonable for asking for an update
  20. But if nothing is updated then what is the point of saying to follow it
  21. Pretty much what I meant. Just any kind of hey we are working on it would be nice since there has not been any official since 04/26
  22. Yes I know this post exists but there has been no update
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