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  1. At the risk of repeating myself, but for the benefit of others (particularly in Australia), my bank which is the largest down here, is charging for these as cash advances and indicated in a discussion I had with them that is was in fact, Linden that had changed their coding. Based on Grumpity's comments (much appreciated) it appears as if PayPal are the culprits. Please note in discussions with them (yes, I have been busy) they are blaming the bank..The merry go round continues!
  2. Oh dear, now my brain hurts also! Can't I just buy a cute pair of heels from my favourite SL store without having an accounting degree and lugging around the International Tax Code volume 1 - oh, infinity...?!:)
  3. I add to this, the change, specifically has been from a coding of "video games" to "cash" This clarity was supplied to me by my bank
  4. So to clarify and maybe summarise all of this (not holding out much hope for success though!): (1) There has been a change made by LL either driven by some International ruling (I say this because I am impacted here in Australia also) or by LL themselves for whatever reason(s) (2) Credit cards either directly accessed by LL ( set up in our accounts) or via PayPal are now attracting a variety of fees. In my case, GST (a sales tax), LL imposed transaction fee and a cash charge from our bank(s) (3) Debit cards at this stage do not seem to attract a charge (time will tell)...
  5. Hi all, I did some testing last night and this is what I discovered and please note this is simply to buy lindens. (1) I still cannot buy anything less than an amount of AUD20 (circa USD14) but refer point (5) (2) I prefer to use PayPal as I believe it supplies me with another level of security (fingers crossed) (3) I used my credit card via PP and this was charged with a "cash advance fee" (AUD20 min) (4) I then used my debit card again via PP and so far, no fees have been added (I will let you know if they are, at a later date) but still with a AUD20 min) (5) I
  6. An update: After numerous emails to LL, PayPal and my bank, the issue appears to be that LL have changed their transaction codes from "video games" to 'cash" and this stopped small payments being made. At least, internationally, this means we need to purchase a minimum of L20 at a time and not smaller amounts. So, with the exchange rate from USD to AUD plus a GST (note no US tax is deducted) and and now a transfer fee of AUD $2.50 each time, the joy of SL is very expensively being diminished.
  7. Yes, I agree. Thanks for your help. I even set up a new alt just to buy lindens using my credit card and still no success:(.....
  8. Hi, the message I receive after about 10 mins is, and with the header" Linden Dollar Market Buy order declined Notification" .... "An attempt to purchase Linden Dollars for your account via the Lindex page on sl has failed" My PayPal account is in good standing, I have money in my bank account, yes, GST (VAT) is being charged. I have tried using 3 alts and still the same message both via the buy button on my viewer and the Lindex via the web page. I have sent 5 support tickets to LL over the last two weeks and no reply. I know, I am sounding desperate now as I am ab
  9. Ok, update. Tried it and it failed. Anyone want a lovely home going cheap!
  10. Thanks Rolig. I actually did consider the Lindex process, and whilst I am desperate to keep my home, I baulk at the "process" fees. As an example, buying say L300 costs me about $6AUD, with the Lindex it is costing me close to $21AUD, and this is assuming it works! But desperate times call for desperate measure:)
  11. Hi, For about two weeks now I have been unable to buy lindens. I normally use the "buy" button in the top right hand corner. I have checked my PayPal account and it is fine and even deleted it and added it again. I have tried using my alts and still no success I am in Australia if that makes any difference? I have sent a number of support tickets using different alts and no reply as yet. Sadly I am about to lose my lovely home and land if I can't pay for the tier. I would appreciate any thoughts and help please.
  12. Thankyou so much. So maybe not just me:)
  13. Hi, I have had issues when sailing in various locations in that my boat suddenly disappears and I end up in the sky. I am not going to the edge of sailing sims, making sure I follow the map keeping in the channels. It seems to happen after about 15 mins of sailing. I know when I move across borders there is always some slight disturbance. This is far more than this. Nothing works until I TP to some where else. Any help would be appreciated .
  14. Hi there and sorry if I am in the wrong section to ask this question. And sorry again if what I am about to ask is simply dumb! I have recently discovered sailing inworld and when I move across borders, I inevitably experience the usual shudders. That's OK, but my question is, how do I stop the Windlight settings from changing? Invariably it does from day to night so currently I click on "midday" again but about 2 minutes later when I reach another border, into night I go again. So my question is, can I freeze my current day settings regardless of where I go and which sim
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