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  1. Thankyou so much. So maybe not just me:)
  2. Hi, I have had issues when sailing in various locations in that my boat suddenly disappears and I end up in the sky. I am not going to the edge of sailing sims, making sure I follow the map keeping in the channels. It seems to happen after about 15 mins of sailing. I know when I move across borders there is always some slight disturbance. This is far more than this. Nothing works until I TP to some where else. Any help would be appreciated .
  3. Hi there and sorry if I am in the wrong section to ask this question. And sorry again if what I am about to ask is simply dumb! I have recently discovered sailing inworld and when I move across borders, I inevitably experience the usual shudders. That's OK, but my question is, how do I stop the Windlight settings from changing? Invariably it does from day to night so currently I click on "midday" again but about 2 minutes later when I reach another border, into night I go again. So my question is, can I freeze my current day settings regardless of where I go and which sim I enter? Thanks
  4. Thankyou Lindal, I think I need to hire an octopus for all the hands and fingers I need!
  5. Thank you so much for your replies. I felt silly for asking but you both have been so kind in helping. Thankyou again:)
  6. RebeccaCourt

    Taking photos

    Hi and sorry if this is the wrong place to post this question. I am trying to take pics without my avi in the screen, but when I zoom in, I of course, lose all my camera controls. How do I take pics in this way? I am sure I am not making sense. Sorry Thanks in advance
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