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  1. Ok so my mistake here. I’m glad I asked if I was missing something. I didn’t know you still had the option of the other 512 and prim for it in mainland. That’s actually cool that people can throw up a little shop and still have a little trailer. Makes sense. I thought it was just a flat out loss. And yes, I definitely agree it’s a big step up from the old legacy homes. Although meadow brook was kind of everything when they went from 117 to 175 lols!
  2. You see, I’m a tiny house fan, and have been for years now. Naturally these gorgeous builds would be appealing to me. Problem? I pay the same premium for 175 prims as a Victorian and Traditional pay for full size homes with 350 prim allowance? Why would I not want those prims? I find it unfair. I would like to be prim wreckless and buy a high prim car, have a zooby baby, and some add ons. This is not possible with my low prim allowance. A zooby baby is over 100 prim. I snatched a trailer and rezzed my baby and crib and had nothing else in my prim allowance. I had to abandon it. It got me thinking, why would anyone be ok with 1/2 the prims for the same fees? Is there something redeeming to this that I’m missing? And please don’t taunt me about the zooby. It’s not for RP. It shouldn’t matter how I use them, just that I feel it seems unbalanced.
  3. I’d like to see a supernatural community of 1 Mermaid underwater themed 2 Fairy/elf homes mushroom, tree houses, etc 3. Witch/Warlock houses yes there are lots of witches in SL 4. Vampire houses - lots of them in SL please don’t leave us out! @Patch Linden
  4. I love young people, no offense. I really do. I need people I can relate to.. 30s - 60s if you are out there, say hi! (Girls or gays only) I don't love to shop.. sorry if thats a disappointment. I do love to play board games and I have pretty much all of them. Happy to go to a club or venue, discussion, etc as long as theres not like 5 people in the room with tip request spam. (tacky!) I have a foul mouth and am an east coast girl with a big heart. In a long term relationship almost 2 years and already gone RL with him so you don't need to protect your boyfriends from me! I am totally uninterested in that sort of drama. Anyway, say hello my mature ladies!
  5. Hello friends! I am looking to earn money for college. I need about 200.00 a month which translates to roughly 12-13k inworld per week. Are there any jobs or work I can do to make this income? Thanks! No sex work even though I am an adult. (Not insulting anyone, I am just not that personality type.)
  6. Beware! I was kicked from private property when I mistakenly was out of control driving my flamingo. It did NOT send my flamingo back to inventory. I had to go rewalk my path and find it.. and it was far from my home. I did get her back though!
  7. Yes, I think they will have houseboats, and also trailer park type set ups, and hopefully something fantasy style. I really think they will do something fae/mermaidish. I guess it could be wishful thinking, but I bet you they will.
  8. Guys how come I took my pics in wide screen and they downloaded as square?
  9. My flamingo makes farting noises when I drive it down the street. Howdy neighbors! hahahaha
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