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  1. This whole post just makes you sound like a snob and I'm not sure who would even want to be part of that. I don't picture Kim Kardashian jumping on SL any time soon.
  2. I'm an adult with 2 (might as well be 3) child avi kids. Single mom with no other family. Would love to make our family grow with an adult child, aunt for my children, mom for me, what have you.
  3. I love G&S, but Gor is not for me...At least not Gor rp based purely on "adult" rp. Years ago, I played on a pirate sim which used G&S as an RP feature, but it wasn't fully adult in nature. Are there any sims out there that use G&S without me having to RP a slave or free woman? A medieval, pirate, or some other historical RP? I would even be interested in a modern RP where I could run a farm on the sim. I have heard about other systems such as unity or WW, but I am really only interested in G&S. I wasted a large amount of money on beYou and was burned by it.
  4. I am returning to SL after 3 years and starting over fresh with a new avie. I have started BeYou and I'm really interested in joining a family or finding a partner for my BeYou experience. Would love to get into a group or meet someone in a community that could really help me with the system and use it in RP. I am not in a community sim yet, but I do have a small farm set up in a private skybox, for now. Anyone interested please let me know. Feel free to message me in world, as well.
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