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  1. Was just thinking that sl should partner with Tubitv a free movie and show site to end sl piracy from those illegal sites. It's just too bad that the sl web browser is outdated.
  2. These look nice thank you i'll try em out oops they're actually standard size only
  3. Where can I find a nice cop outfit? I have Belleza Jake, Legacy and Signature Body. I couldn't find any on marketplace that was HQ and for my body. Please let me know if you know a place.
  4. I'm new to all but I just moved into my brand new home. It gets a little lonely on my estate. I want a dog. I'm looking to be adopted into a family, if u need a uncle, brother or cousin. Or just a best friend turned roommate possibly. Please add me and shoot me a message
  5. I want to get my plot of land looking really sweet, please message me your portfolio, & pricing and work and we can set something up.
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