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  1. hmmm I want to try this but I aint paying for something that creator don't upodate im asking cause I have friend when she logs in it flashes all time so she cant play on laptop she loves imvu and ever since I showed her she loves it also she lives in another state and love to keep in contact through sl as im trying to make it more fun formyself know this was free years ago but know on slide me it cost I spoken to people in support chat and they saying it don't work so plzz can someone tell me how she can play on android or ipdad plzzzzz cant remote screen it cause u loose connection when
  2. hey for some reason was was able to go to skill gaming know i cant i have cc on file also paid member and i never can get that chat bubble i dont use no add blockers
  3. hey I don't have fundsyet to buy expensive stuff would love towork for u guys as dancer host event manager or 1 of the above I don't have to much cash to invest yet hence why looking for a job so I can spend inworld on stuff should I apply I know it says there are exceptions on it but want to make sure first cheers hope u have a great day thanks
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