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  1. i used that hud you mentioned and now all of my other appliers arent working properly and neither do any of my bras
  2. so I have had some mesh clothes for a while and they were working great. then i put on some clothes appliers that i couldn't take off. so i got this thing off mp to remove the appliers on my clothes. and now all of a sudden none of my bras fit properly. i checked all my other appliers they are all on still and the clothes were fine yesterday i cant figure it out
  3. we reset chaches and restarted both multiple times, reset skeletons and for some reason we can sit next to each other and the avatar can look like 2 completely different people with different clothes on. we've been at it for hours and it doesnt make sense
  4. no like the body isnt the same gender or size or shape
  5. why it would be different on 2 different screens
  6. so my friend and i are playing next to each other and they had a character who looks totally different from what they looked like on my screen. even tried changing and it still looks weird. tried reseting and everything but for some reason on mine she looks completely different.
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