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  1. maybe you also lost a part of my post, because I didnt talked about appliers compatibility with tmp but about clothing compatibilities with the deformers, I think is way more comfortable to wear one of them more than changing the body to wear clothes, but thats what im talking about, thats why is kind of an option meanwhile there is not any alpha system
  2. Well, I hope creators will do appliers that work with BOM, because im not interested in getting a catwa only to get everything I want, also we were talking about the bodies, as I said, TMP legacy may be a good solution to clothing compatibilities meanwhile we wait for BOM release and old alpha/layer system, still if creators dont create BOM appliers, there is still a lot of old appliers that are really good quality, so you can also get old good quality skins, makeup or tattos/clothes and etc
  3. Well, TMP might not include bom compatibility, but meanwhile could be a good solution to clothing compatibility and all
  4. I kinda really like the fact that include the deformers to get compatibility with 90% of the clothes, I've seen the deformers on the female avi but im not sure if they also have with the male one For me, the 5k worth it because of that fact(compatibility), as I first joined second life, it was way too difficult to me to learn (and probably to many new users, so thats why they leave), learning how to dress an avatar was very painful to me, so the fact that this body let you have compatibility and kinda standarize that, really worth the 5k, well im still looking forward to BOM, I hope that
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