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  1. Here is the prim move code that I am trying to see if it will work, but so far it is not working integer gIntMove = 0; integer gIntVr; //key gKeyToucherID; float gFltX; float gFltY; float gFltZ; vector gVecPos; vector gEul = <0,0,0>; default { state_entry() { gVecPos = llGetPos(); gFltX = gVecPos.x; gFltY = gVecPos.y; gFltZ = gVecPos.z; gIntMove = 1; do { gVecPos = llGetPos(); gFltX = gVecPos.x; gFltY = gVecPos.y;
  2. I tried the sequence, and was able to move the sitter at each pose to a different position, but it asked for every pose to reattach the shovel. I know if I use sittarget, the avatar will sit on a linked prim, I want to move that linked prim from left to right and than back left till the avatar unsits. Here is a link to the object I am making, the animation loops every 58 seconds, so I wanted to move the linked prim that the avatar was sitting on every 58 seconds either X + .5 or X - .5. This would make it look like the avatar was working their way back and forth across the pad of snow F
  3. I am building a pad with AVSitter and would like to move the sitter sitting on a sittarget to a different position and rotation on the pad everytime the animation is looped.
  4. Just loaded the latest build from the Corrade site dated 11-24 and I still have the issue of my Bots being orange clouds and not being able to find their Current Outfit Folder
  5. I have seen a script that rotates a avatar on sit, but I would like to slow that rotation down. I am trying to use llSitTarget(ZERO_VECTOR,ZERO_ROTATION); and do a slow rotation of the avatar on the Z-axis but with no luck in finding an example on how this is done.
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