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  1. I'm here thinking of renting a plot, but I gave up. It was not because the 3 people were having the same problem but because they came from people they never intended to help, All I see are Suck-ass of the landlord and this looks a lot like alternative beads or people getting gifts to improve reputation. I realize it mainly by Axel Naxos who called Trixxazinha "Spoiled" and now Navaile "child". This guy should not be polite in real life and probably must be crap. I was neutral in all this discussion because I encountered horrible little fights in information forums, but Axel Naxos is further spoiling the landlord's "reputation" by acting this way. A brief look at Axel Naxo's profile, and everyone will see that he does so in all posts. The forum is for help, promote and talk. You ruin the whole Second Life society.
  2. it seems that when someone has a problem they appear more judgmental than helpers. That sucks.
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