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  1. I have read EVERYONES replies [yes, Even the long ones] and I really appreciate you all responding. Thank you 😊
  2. To put it simply, NO. Second Life has been the most addictive thing I've ever played, Currently I'm just finding ways to get free Lindens [Linden realms, fishing, etc,] messing around and being silly with my discord friends, it's been pretty nice for my first week and I'm already addicted tbh. Mainly asking because I know that I might get bored with what I'm doing already, so I want to see what others do so I can get an idea and then branch onto that and obviously make my SL experience way more better than it already is. Plus I'm just curious as well since I see people who've been here for like 10 years and I'm just like 'woah what have you been doing for the past decade?'.
  3. What do YOU usually do in Second Life?, what activities do you do on a day to day basis In world?. I'm new so I'm just finding ideas of what others do in Second Life.
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