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  1. Yes, real life. Ostracized for who I am, because I have some unpopular opinions.
  2. I would not mind people knowing it about me. Its who I am after all, I am not going to pretend to be someone else or hide because of it. And I am being ostracized for who I am where I am from. But I wont let that stop me. Although if someone chooses to hide that stuff, its their choice.
  3. I did not know people are ashamed of things like that. If you have a close, trusting relationship with someone, what is the problem with them finding those things out?
  4. But why would you try to hide that? o.o If you have a genuine relationships with some people, there is no reason to hide anything.
  5. But how is that different to being open to someone in real life? People you meet in real life and open up to can stalk you too, or do something bad. So why just be wary online?
  6. Well, the level of detail depends on how long I have known them for. So I would like to know some details eventually, yea. Being vague in the beginning is not that much of a problem, but there are people I have known for years on SL now, and they still wont tell me or anyone absolutely anything.
  7. If I get rid of those expectations, then what I will be getting is not what I am looking for.
  8. I do not talk to anyone in real life. Well, I take the statement at face value
  9. But most people explicitly say that SL is SL and RL is RL, that they are separated for them. When someone views it like that, there is no point even talking to them - it wont lead anywhere.
  10. When you have social interaction in real life, its different. People approach it differently. You can get more close to people, there is no artificial barrier to information about them. It feels more genuine. I do not seek just a social interaction. I seek friendship.
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