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  1. We have a psychologically building behind the club. If u ever need to talk about real life problems and some advice... Feel free to inbox me please hotjes911
  2. HotJes911


    If u feel sad or had some real life problem.. We have psychologist in sl. Inbox Hotjes911 for appointment if u need help or just wanna talk about ur problems
  3. We got 4 lands for sale! inbox Hotjes911
  4. Life is hard to find in real life. We giving you a great job at the club. Please note we are rate Adult. We need people who has paypal linked and willing to work for real life earnings! Contact Hotjes911 for interview. Mic or webcam will be great!
  5. Good Day! I am looking for great honest people to work at my club! We have so many games and nice shopping store which u could earn too! PLEASE NOTE IT'S AN ADULT LAND NOT FOR CHILDREN! Contact Hotjes911 LOVE YOU ALL XXX
  6. Good Day! We're looking for trustworthy people for this job! dancers get 50% tipjar and DJ's or hosting 70% Please IM Hotjes911 for more details or Interview
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