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  1. Yes, i think you are getting my point. Probably my avi or inventory is overloaded that cause me stuck immediately after login.. Is there any way to remove all the things i am wearing on, from somewhere else?
  2. i read the complete article and your comments there too. well. it seems the same problem i am facing. but i dont know how to roll back the intel driver to older version. and yes i amd using 64 bit windows 10 on Intel.
  3. Ohh okay. You first sentence is a relief to me. But now only worried why this is only happening to me. My friend is logging in well on my same system and same connection and same viewer; and she doesn't face any problem in viewer. Only my account is not opening in same system. :(((
  4. Yes, i have tried both of connections, wifi and wired. Also I asked a friend to login with her account and that opened flawlessly. Only mine is not opening. So worried. Probably my avi is overloaded by some bug or by some attacker's script or by some mistake, and hence not loading properly in the environment. I cannot understand.
  5. Yes, I am on laptop. And it is not Firestorm problem, The same issue is observed on default SL-viewer. Once SL-Viewer opened the world but then stuck. Meanwhile i saw a message that my avi's memory usage was 94%. But after that it didn't open ever again and stuck during loading the world.
  6. Hi all above!!! Thanks for your time and replies. But my problem is a different one. My account is not hacked, neither anyone can guess my password nor i click anyone's link. My problem is that I cannot Log in into the SL Viewer. I can login here on website with the same password. Also the password works on the viewer well. It starts loading the world, but stucks in the way. So i cannot appear in the viewer. I don't know whether someone added a script to my avi or is it some other issue that causing the problem. The screenshot it attached.
  7. Hi All I am new to SL, just joined a week ago. Today a person came to me in Freebie Galaxy while i was searching for stuff. He started the chat and going to ask simple RL question. I told a bit and then humbly asked him to read my profile first while i keep searching my dresses over there. He replied with a laugh but suddenly after that my account got stuck. i tried again and again to make it work but it didn't. He had written in his profile similar to that "If you will be nice with me i'll be nice with you otherwise not"... I am not sure whether it was he who put some kind of attack on
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