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  1. Oh..I used "HITMAN PRO" to remove this damn "share Awesome" malware...it's seems that is fine now...let's see...the furthers chapters...
  2. Thank you Whirly Fizzle... I removed this malware "Search Awesome" and it's fixed finally! Thank you for you help and others too...xxooxx
  3. Hi Whirly...I'm using Chrome...and if it's a malware..how can I fix it? It's being a long time using Sl with issues like that...just 11 years!
  4. Exactly ..I will check this...and no the clock is fine..date and also year and time...
  5. Greetings Rolig! Thanks for your comment. This Mother board is new, just 15 days using it... I have windows 10.
  6. Dani Bulloch


    I keep trying to log in and SL is saying my clock is set incorrectly. My PC clock was never incorrect so that's ridiculous. I tried putting in the wrong time for real and relogging because I was told that could work too, but I'm still getting the same message. It also says check my network and firewall so that it's set up correctly but I did and I don't think that's the problem. It's being more than 21 days hapening this...so please help me..please I have a file saying this...attached
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