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  1. im a feral mostly feel free sayhello :3
  2. I play as both really i have one female and one male alt. Im a girl in rl and i hate i when others flip there ***** over it. Logs your not planing to hurt or use anyone you should be fine. Im a roleplayer and being one thing can be very boring over time i think so. Thats why i have animal avis as well as like elfs,kitsune,ect its more fun that way sl is a place you can be what you want and such some people just get hurt dude to them being over attached. when you clearly tell them your not after nothing. sl is just game some others need to chill.
  3. hello iam looking for a family. I can be wolf,dog,fox,so on. I love roleplay also open to oc as well! more questions IM littlepinkwolff
  4. Hello Iam a dog looking for a home. I roleplay anywhere! Iam looking for a fun family/owner I roleplayed in family sims, western,zombies and so on. I dont care if the family is big or small. Or someome looking for a k9 friend! I can be any breed they want and gender! If any questions IM me Littlepinkwolff ps. Yes i have been trying at adopt places
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