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  1. Plus! you win 50 L$ by completing the quests each time and you can go collecting crystals in your way. So it worth it, at least for me.
  2. Sorry! was frustrated. I like the new game, more interactive, and thank you all that make it possible! I will not go fishing!. Sorry again!
  3. Oh damn! It is collecting the amulet again! I collected it just 2 days before and the HUD told me that i would have 7 days to collect crystals. So now i have to collect the damn amulet again?! Not fair.
  4. I really like that the game become more interactive. But i agree that there are low chances for regular players like me, to complete the quests. I am giving my best to learn it and play it but it becomes boring and frustrating. At firts i completed the 4 quests to collect the full amulet, now i am in a quest to "heal a heart tree" but i have being running for like about 2 hours and i can not find a green crystal. Besides, the "angry rocks" and the "eating sands/swamps" catch you from a kind of long range, you did not even expect that and sometimes you did not even see it comming. I really hope that you could give more chances for non expert gamers. i will keep trying. Cheers!
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