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  1. I just got finished watching this movie. It was pretty good. I enjoyed it.
  2. OP is the most ineffective troll I've ever seen. But, if I were to take OP's message seriously: don't move too fast, in real life or on Second Life. You don't really know a person until you know a person, if you know what I mean. And even then people have a tendency to surprise you.
  3. Still unfulfilled at the time of me writing this update!
  4. So I rejoined Second Life after struggling deeply RL and since all my old friends have moved on or I cannot locate, I would really like to make some new friends. No requirements other than being easy to talk to. Understanding and with a good sense of humor helps, but these are kind of blanket statements that everyone tends to feel like suits them. So please just send me a message in world or here and let's chat. Maybe we'll hit it off, maybe not? Why not give it a try? (P.S. my avatar is a DINKIE Cat. So not a human. Just putting it out there in case some people don't like hanging
  5. Hihi. I rejoined SL after a loooong break and upon getting my avatar settled I remember how - for me at least - SL was no fun unless I had a place to call my own. So I bought a nice little spot in a very sweet community and now need someone to decorate for me, please. It is a small home with a small/medium size yard. I have a small number of prims to work with - 230 but I might can get an increase. Now here is the kicker - I'm a tiny avatar. Not a baby or a child, just a tiny animal. A tiny. I know that's what they used to be called (tell me if they've got a new name these days) so all fu
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