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  1. Still unfulfilled at the time of me writing this update!
  2. So I rejoined Second Life after struggling deeply RL and since all my old friends have moved on or I cannot locate, I would really like to make some new friends. No requirements other than being easy to talk to. Understanding and with a good sense of humor helps, but these are kind of blanket statements that everyone tends to feel like suits them. So please just send me a message in world or here and let's chat. Maybe we'll hit it off, maybe not? Why not give it a try? (P.S. my avatar is a DINKIE Cat. So not a human. Just putting it out there in case some people don't like hanging with animal avis)
  3. Hihi. I rejoined SL after a loooong break and upon getting my avatar settled I remember how - for me at least - SL was no fun unless I had a place to call my own. So I bought a nice little spot in a very sweet community and now need someone to decorate for me, please. It is a small home with a small/medium size yard. I have a small number of prims to work with - 230 but I might can get an increase. Now here is the kicker - I'm a tiny avatar. Not a baby or a child, just a tiny animal. A tiny. I know that's what they used to be called (tell me if they've got a new name these days) so all furniture, while it does not need to be specifically made for tinies, it does need to be usable my small avatars! If you think you might could help me out message me. Of course I will pay for your services.
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