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  1. so expensive 5000l per 5000 prim wow thats expensive some other places like jusat over 3000l how come this i dunno 7500 prim expensive too wanted a quarter sim meself yes waiting on one but not waiting ages offer i cannot say here
  2. i meant i rent full homestead and do want to know how i can landscape and terrain the full homestead into a winter scene 65536 size
  3. that does not help me landscape properly though like terrain the place tidy
  4. can someone advise me how to terrain winter island on full homestead please ty
  5. mainland 3sales dead also breedable sales dead even 1 other cant even sell hers at 1400ll not worth selling i guess
  6. ok sepaarted parcels and wanted quick sale not wait around weeks ya buy it then
  7. separated parcel into 3 1024sqm 351 prim 1000L 768sqm 263 prims 768L 256sqm 87prims 256L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pongsonhwa/130/108/113
  8. heres the link http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pongsonhwa/144/113/108
  9. and outfits more important than breedables aint been really getting many since
  10. been tryin to sell on mainland for sale this parcel dont really need it now cause getting out of breedables and that was using it for breedable store really but nah not selling anything now they all goin in the bin soon
  11. why is it so hard trying to get rid of this parcel i put it at 2000L for 2048 sqm
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