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  1. NVM just blond not sure how to delete posts, ty
  2. This is a question for American ISPs
  3. They have said this is out of their hands, which it is. There is only so much a relatively small gaming company can do in relation to the internet infrastructure.
  4. I havent played this recently but i had a feeling this would happen. You are correct the NA data centers are all in california. I hear black desert is also having a hard time. https://threatmap.fortiguard.com/
  5. SL is probably not the only affected service. SL is merely on the way between the ddosers, the ddosed, and us. Theoretically Linden could open more backup servers, but that is expensive. This is one of the many reasons google and youtube almost never go down.
  6. *pours a bucket of cold water on the angry kitty*
  7. I am going to make a guess that SL is just collateral damage. This looks like a coordinated effort to do serious damage to e-commerce for companies hosted on the west coast.
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