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  1. OK got it down to 320L/wk..not here for the money..just want the land to be used by someone at sometime..thanks!!!
  2. Wow this really helped me out..Excellent!!!
  3. Hey this parcel is available on rent again! please have a look. thanks !
  4. you can rent this beautiful tropical island for $465L/week with 10% discount if you pay for 4 weeks straight! This Sim is not laggy at all and pretty fast. I hope you will have your fun time in SL here. No Rules, no Covenant. Just enjoy! have a look here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Irelore/102/126/22
  5. Maybe your just an idiot who feels the small fee you pay to be premium makes you Queen of SL and everyone needs to bow down to you. Why dont you create an apparel/clothes for your avi which have the words "I'm a premium member and contribute to the GDP of my country"" written all over it? I was a premium member but stopped last month as I didn't need it. Doesn't make you more privileged than me or anyone else for that matter.
  6. Its 1024 sqm on the waters edge, sandy land, open waters in front. This is peaceful neighborhood, with good people around. No disturbances or large boards, signs, etc. Rest is all up to you. Its for 699/wk with the house and furnishings, all ready for you to move in. Incase you want just the land and all prims then let me know. I try to be online almost everyday so just message me inworld or email me, if you have any questions. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winchester/73/105/26
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