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  1. Well I moved to a much less dense area away from stuff so it didn't have much to render and gave it a shot again, and it works ^^ both the Kemono and Dazzleshark avatars render good. Only thing with the Dazzle shark is that it's eyes are too far forward and stick out from the head, but they won't move when I try to edit them. But it's not a big deal, I'm really happy with the Kemono one now ^^ Thank you guys for the suggestions to try ?
  2. I thought that at first too, but I had kept it on for like 10+ minutes just standing with no changes to the model at all. I did the attachment refresh during my random attempts to fix it, but sadly it didn't change anything. I'll try going to an empty region like you said and see if I can get it to properly render.
  3. Alright, I'll give it a shot ^^ thanks guys ?
  4. I haven't actually. I'll try contacting them if I can and see. I'll still keep watching this thread here incase anyone posts in the mean time ^^
  5. Yeah, that's what it looks like with the shape that came with the avatar. I've tried using other shapes too to see what happens, but it still stays the same. What I usually do when I get a new one, is I swap to the default avatar or one of the basic selection ones, and then detach all the non-main pieces (clothes, hair, etc). And then I replace the shape, skin, etc with the ones in the new avatar. And then I add on the accessories and stuff. That's what I did for that and the dazzleshark one I mentioned and any other avatars I use. And I'm pretty sure I'm updated to the latest Firestorm. I just downloaded it a few days ago from their website, and it's at like version 5.1.(random numbers). Was searching around to see if anyone else has had problems similar to this but I couldn't find anyone with a similar situation to these so I'm not sure what the problem is or how to go about fixing it.
  6. So basically I went onto the Secondlife marketplace, and I found a few different complete avatars that I got and tried to use them in game. They pretty much all work, except for this Kemono one I got. The clothes, head, arms and 1 leg render properly, but the rest of the avatar is just weird shapes and flat textures. I also bought the Bento Dazzleshark Purple avatar, and it does the same thing, except way worse, where all the textures are just on a big square in the air and it doesn't even try to render it in the correct shape. I originally had this problem in the original SL viewer and the environment kept having broken textures and rainbow textures from what I would assume is broken pipelining from what I had read. So I swapped to Firestorm and that fixed the environment, but didn't help fix the avatars. I swap to a couple of other full normal mesh avatar's and those work, but it seems to specifically be the avatars labeled Bento that don't work. Here's what the Kemono avatar is looking like on my Firestorm. I was wondering if anyone knew if there's some sort of avatar setting on Firestorm that needs to be done for Bento avatars, or if they just knew how this could be fixed in general. My internet in game is fine, as the environments and everyone else loads fine, and my other avatars work good. It's just bento ones that don't for some reason. I've been looking around for different settings in Firestorm in the developer section and other sections and haven't been able to fix it, and rebaking the avatars doesn't change anything either. Also tried reobtaining the avatar from my recieved items to see if its corrupted somehow or something (idk), but no luck.
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