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  1. Hi, This might be the best forum to post it... We have a very well running peaceful English countryside sim, and would love to join another sim or other sims by attaching it. Jointly we could have a perfect way to share strengths, community, events and much more.... We also built and run a sim management system for more than a year now, allowing us to focus on the people and the community. We are willing to share our knowledge, experience and the system. If anyone is interested, please contact Carla Broek (carla.broek) (CET timezone = SLT+9). We are looking forward to opportunities!
  2. This most beautiful house, the only one vacant for now, is again for rent! An astonishing house near our river close to the ocean, in a very private corner. It comes with two floors, blinds (we can give you the control rights), the Dragonfly Lake Control panel including a security orb... come and visit. We provide an abundant 420 prims, but as usual we can change anything you want. It's one of our best houses on land, and the only vacant on ground level too! Houses on land at Dragonfly Lake are very much wanted, so if you like, don't hesitate to visit! Visit the rental directly or go to our office for other rentals!
  3. We are proud to announce several changes to our beloved sim Dragonfly Lake, of which an entirely new gallery, in-theme shopping area, etc. Come and visit us, it's open for public. Tenants may use the ground level sim for their events upon request. We have a very active community and organize relaxing events... But most importantly, we have reopened 5 skyboxes and 4 houses for rental! Our skyboxes have a sim wide scenery, and you can use approximately 1/4 sim (island/water) to build on. Upon request, we can change the scenery or even prim count/price combination. Our farmland has been renewed, and has several houses vacant... One shop and 2 stalls are available for rent at our cozy Tudor style shopping area. As the land matures, it's also an ideal space for photographers. You can find us on Flickr : https://www.flickr.com/groups/dragonflylake/pool/ Visit us on sim: here, the office nearby the landing point. All information about rentals, but also our blog and photos, is also available on our website: https://www.dragonflylakes.com
  4. Fennel is vacant again, now it's shaped like the scottish highlands - no island. Come and have a look at our sim office
  5. Basil is vacant again. Come and have a look at our sim office
  6. Shops are going fast, already 8 shops rented in the village. And we decorated the village heavily in the meantime, while the region has been developed to a quiet and peaceful space. Tenants will get a free web page to promote their shop soon, we organize openings and we promote the shops too via our community. Come and have a look at our village.
  7. Since Dragonfly Lake is a huge success: we added the adjacent new full region: Dragonfly Plains! As we speak, we resurrected an English village, inspired by real towns like the birth town of Shakespeare (Stratford-upon-avon). It provides several houses for private and commercial (shop) usage. The village will be promoted, directly and via the succesful Dragonfly Lake channels, making sure your business will receive visitors. The environment is in full development, due to be ready in the first weeks of January 2019. Affordable prices are set, though we may agree with you to work on commission base if you prefer so. We provide small houses as well as spacious rooms in our main building. Come and see us directly at the village. Rental boxes can be found in the houses.
  8. Dragonfly Hills is adjacent to our main region (Dragonfly Lake) and also themed as English countryside. We proudly offer this parcel with all rights except terraforming for only L$949/week. It includes the use of the Dragonfly Lake region for events upon request, and also the growing Dragonfly Lake community. We are glad to help you for any question in person (no robots), including changes to the land. Go to our office on Dragonfly Lake for info and teleport: here
  9. One of our best houses, near the beach, for rent On sim office for more info/teleport: here
  10. Vacant as of today! Our very last skybox at this moment (but not the least).
  11. Winter has arrived at Dragonfly Hills! The landscape slowly leaves autumn, and the hills are covered in snow... Do pay us a visit to check out our parcels. You can find us at the on sim office. As always, we give direct and personal support. We can change things by simple request, including your prim allowance. Use of the neighboring Dragonfly Lake and community on the land is included, if you wish to organize an event.
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