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  1. Thank you so much for your help, me & my man have checked out the link you gave us and he said it looks like a really good computer. I just want to make sure it will allow me to have my graphics high on firestorm viewer and record on Ocam at the same time without crashing. Or would it be better for me to just build my own? (I never have anything else running in the background, if I’m on SL, I’m only on the viewer and Ocam IF I decide to record)
  2. I’m a little dumb when it comes to computers, sorry ?. i have no clue what CPU, i3 or i5, AMD, AML, RTX or any of that is, I’ll have to do more research on the terms you have provided. i need all these tech terms put in Dummy form LOL so I can understand a bit better. should I get a dell, or Alienware, apux, toshiba? I have no idea, I just need suggestions on an exact computer that will run second Life as smooth as can be. I am willing to “build” my own desktop as some people refer, but then again a lot of people say that’s a waste of time and money. I’m just stuck. I don’t want to waste money, then get home and get on second Life and have it run like complete crap still. I’m really scared about that happening. I see SL Youtubers on their computers running second Life like a DREAM, and that’s what I want. Preferably what ‘strawberry signh’ has. I am a YouTuber myself and would like to run second Life on high graphics, with shadows but also be able to record. Ive been searching, researching, looking at videos, asking people for MONTHS about what computer I should get, and still no luck. for example I’ll ask someone what computer I should get and they will say “get a dell laptop with yadaa yaddaaa...” then someone else will say “DONT GET A DELL, they are a waste of time and money” so I sit here like... uhhh... what should I do. Someone kindly suggested I post this on SL forums and some computer ‘experts’ will tell me the way to go, so I really really appreciate all of you trying to help me out in any way, you guys are incredible.
  3. Hello Everyone, so I need some assistance trying to find a desktop or laptop that plays Second Life the best. I want to be able to be on ultra settings, with shadows and good lighting. My hubby is getting me any desktop or computer I want this December and I’m not sure what to get. I’ve read many forums on this matter and all I see is everyone arguing saying their computer runs second Life the best, then someone always chimes in and says that particular computer isn’t good for gaming. So I’m very confused lol. Please let me know what you think is the best computer is for ultra settings, shadows, barley any glitches ect.. (I know there is not a totally PERFECT computer, I know there will always be lag here and there, I just want a computer that best goes with second life’s graphics) btw I currently have an Alienware 2006 laptop with a nivida graphics card that is outdated and I can barley run second Life on good graphics, let alone with any shadows or lights on.
  4. Looking for a family that will accept a teen/adult into their lifes as their child. i do rp, voice, and willing to exchange social medias. single parents are okay aswell. I Am Loyal, And Committed, Online Often To Chat And Hang Out, Shop And Other With Family ❤️ Please Contact Me On Sl @MrsTally If You Will Accept Me Into Your Lives.
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