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  1. I sell my sim for 300 usd. transfer fee 600 usd= 900 usd,, who is going to pay this for 50 a month savings,, you must have not got caught in this or you would be singing a different tune.It cost me 1200 usd to purchase the sim. 600 and 600 buy down. keep you shovel out where you have no ***** to shovel. sorry it makes me angry that people that have no dog in the fight tell me I am wrong
  2. with regard to the new tiers for sims. private sim owners that did the buy down for their sim has gotten a raw deak. Not only has LL lowered the sim price, going though them, but left the transfer fee the same for buy down sims at $600 USD. I it a shame that when we sell out sims, LL makes more on the sell than we do. Some have said, "suck it up, you got 2 years at reduced rates. Well, when I paid for the buy down no one said it was for 2 years and then I would get riped off. All anyone wants is an even playing field. Lower the transfer fee to the same as LL charges. Nothing we can do with our sim now, except lose the money we paid to LL.
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