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  1. thanks for the reply fionalein -) would be great because its really bad again.. last week same thing for two days.. i lost 9 boats over 15 sims.. my partner tried it and she also lost 5 boats. i know its always possible that this can happen once in a while but this is really extreme.. we even get kicked 2 sims ahead of the one we just crossed.. so the boat crosses sim B and we are flying all across sim B on to sim C.. to cross a sim it usual takes 2 to 4 seconds for us..depends on how many prims the boat is..but even with a low primmed boat it can take up to 8/10 seconds
  2. hello there there are so many issue on open water in sl i am a sailer for many many years but i never ever have seen this before since two weeks we are having a lot of issues sailing around in sl no matter what we do we lose our boats over and over again with each sim cross we get kicked of our boats.. we tried everything from small boats to big ones with even a standard old school avatar.. just skin with nothing else attached or worn i am not sure what lindenlab is doing but this is getting very annoying whats going on ? and when is this going to fixed ?
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