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  1. cool now im in the right section ❤️
  2. ty i have edited original post warning that there is adult 3d content on the link ty
  3. on the left there pages click the one say second life tatoos something hehe its simple n there i have my second life tatoo store its small but in time ill add more tatoos . i also have a link to redirect ppl to second life so i think its good for second life btw one question is it worth learn make tatoos for other type of bodies exept maiterya , i mean maitreya is currently the best so whats ur opinion ?
  4. this is the section of second life on the blog actualy https://3dsexworlds.blogspot.com/p/tatoos-for-second-life-game.html
  5. so is there any proper section to put it ?
  6. well i wanted to maybe do few tatoos for free so ppl get to know me n ofc advertise the game on my blog as one of the games i love n like
  7. firstly i wanna say im not sure if this section is the right one but since its General ill post here im a tatoo maker so the post is about ppl that wanna order specific tatoos they might want ps. i make only for maitreya body so far this is my blog that you can contact me n request me some tatoos you might want also it has my second life tatoo store there with few tatoos i have make ❤️ https://3dsexworlds.blogspot.com/ Adult 3d content on this link ty in advance and if its the wrong section plz tell me where i should move this thread ty
  8. Tune in trance n Trance session will no longer be with me in club O devs can delete this thread plz till i make a new annoucment ty all for comming
  9. some pics to the lovely fans to get from todays tune in trance in club O ur amazing ppl <3 tune intrance friday with me n one more guest dj for 4 hours amazing trance and saturday trance session 2 <3
  10. So in order to not make another thread for a new event i just renamed the title from trance session 1 to trance session 2 so this saturday 7th get ready for an absolute trance session 4 hours starts from 12 pm sl time at club O love you all n hope see u there n party i promise ill make u jump jump jumppppppppppppppppppppppppp and make ur minds travel ur soul at peace muahhh
  11. trance session is an event that will be every saturday so yes next saturday trance session 2 dont miss it <3more info soon
  12. since we are in the upcoming events page Tune in trance starts 12-2 pm today sl time ill be mixing live the best vocal n uplifting trance for all the lovely trance lovers tune in trance is a daily event that will be taking place in club O muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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