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  1. Yes I do but some people have a persona and treat second life as..well..literal second life. Which isn't my place to judge to them on.
  2. I see your point. First time doing these forums and understand not everyone understand my point of views on things so I want see how things are different outside of the bubble.
  3. To commenters I apologize if I act defensively the point I’m asking is why leaving the people behind who actually adore them. I understand someone people have different interest or treat things as rp that comes and goes but using my family as example that never once have anyone left because they were uninterested or didn’t care because they enjoy everything they have among my family. Maybe due to fact we have bonds and common interest? so my main point again is what makes people decide to leave someone who consider family to them?
  4. My point is mostly why do people care to leave people behind when others actually love them when they are started out trusting them. Sorry for the confusion. 💜
  5. Just gotta know them like I do. In the family we follow a code. 🤷‍♀️
  6. I guess experience differ depends who you are with.
  7. Good question. Honestly at first it’s a roleplay family where we only hang when we see each other online until we decide to make a discord then begin talking more and more. I guess it became Roleplay to OOC without knowing because of the connection we have made.
  8. You are able to speak freely but you acting aggressively so only fair to act defensively. Action causes by a reaction dear.
  9. I actually know them personally and we been together for 3 years. I guess we have trust and loyalty to each other to the point we are consider family in some ways. <Redacted> are actually growing to the point we have about 4 cousin branches. so total I believe like 130 something.
  10. That's how I started my family. Just made good connection and been together for about 3 years now and we're still growing.
  11. It's clear you probably never been in a big family before or know me through second life so your opinion is noted. I think you misunderstood my thinking because trust is a 50/50 effort because both side have to be there for each other. And you're wrong in so many ways adults or not it's the connection and bond we formed. I understand they are adults but once you start up a family among SL you'll understand it better. Many of <Redacted> members I know personally and we each share our personal real life story about how we came to be and where we came from. I guess you never had that type o
  12. Virtual reality means virtual world to me since both take place in a virtual society, group, and place. Virtual worlds are being rebranded as virtual reality right and left anyways since they have same idea and purpose but only difference is due to physical form and identity interaction. Both are within Virtual space -shugs-
  13. I understand that but why make a family in the first place if you're not gonna commit to it? That's issue I've been seeing because most people come to Second life to escape their harsh reality to have something better but instead get treated the same all over again.
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