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  1. As a blue haired avi myself i go to Runaway hair and .EscalateD. If your looking for a nice dark blue .EscalateD. colors packs are the best. but if you want a lighter brighter blue go with the neons pack. Runaway has a few ice blue and neons but be mindful to try the demos first ive gotten a few without the demos and ended up with the ice blue which i personally dont like. Oh and if you find one you like at .EscalateD. join their group and save a few linden! .EscalateD. Runaway Hair
  2. Hey there my family and i are looking to bring a dog into our family. We have tried a bunch of adoption places and havent had much luck, hence why ive decided to post here. We are a large family of 5 adults and 3 kids living in a rp sim. We have plenty of room for a large breed dog avi and free prims to place any personal items down. This is our looking to adopt form we have been posting and if you think you might be a good fit please let me know ✧ What is your name: NeridaKai ✧ How old are you? (RP AGE): 27 ✧ What type of pet are you looking for?: Family pet good with ch
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