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  1. If you don't like it, don't look at it. I am not spamming...you are the one consistently nagging on my page if you don't like it report it and move on.
  2. well then I will edit the post to fit it to gidelines for each fourm
  3. well I don't like reading anywho tell me how to delete the post then, I mean who reads all of the rules when signing up for something..but I will deletle the post and find somewhere else,but I was not spamming there were only three posts.
  4. Well then by all means tell me where on the forum it says that
  5. Last time I check its for merchants selling their products, it is a free service that people can use, and also tip for the service. Just because it has rp in it doesn't mean that it doesnt belong in merchants
  6. Yin&Yang Midwife is a newly opened business and is looking for ideas that would help further the business. suggestions about what people would like for a midwife or the environment they would most likely feel comfortable in. Please let us know the midwife is equipped with mama allpa OB-GYN and Midwife.
  7. At Yin&Yang Midwife we are looking to make new friends to add to our small group looking for people that love a family enivorment then we can help you with that, we would also like to ask your options on how we could better ourselfs with reaching out to meet new people.
  8. Welcome to Yin&Yang Midwife Services, where you can experience te most natural form of birthing, we aim to use as little of modern day messurements when providing prenatal care and delivery services, all is welcome to inquire about our free service (tips appriciated) feel free to join the group and enjoy your all natural experince on us! ~I am equipped for mama allpa OB-GYN and Midwife ~ Please contact ilceeceeli or уιиιι™ (ilyinli) to set up an appointment
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