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  1. I know this is a strange request but I am seeking a male, for SL partnership in name only. I will pay for the partnership. Ideally if you have an old male avi you don;t use, we would not even have to talk. Or maybe you just want to make believe someone actually cares for you, and put "open relationship" on your profile. If this works for you, please IM me. Thanks.
  2. I took the LM there is nothing there. Hit bottom of water, just red plot lines all around.
  3. Luckily I do like the necklace. lol Thanks everyone.
  4. I went into properties from the original creator? I got to that both from inventory item in folder and also checking properties as I wore it.
  5. I just bought a gacha necklace off the MP....after a "transfer" capability search for his particular rose necklace for a Valentine's gift. That's the whole thing about gacha, you can't gift it, you have to transfer it. Received item, opened "Item Properties" and it is Modify Only. Dishonest seller, not only listed it in the transfer category (the little side boxes you tick in a search)....also wrote in the MP listing it was a TRANSFER item. So I go back in to the MP to write a review and the item listing is gone . I can't flag the seller or the item. Dishonest people suck. There is no recourse to flag someone and have this seller pulled off the MP. I would have bought the necklace from a different seller if I knew I was dealing with a liar. Now I have a necklace but I bought it for a pressie for another. Yeah yeah I understand the whole gacha you get what you get in the MP, lose it too bad, be online when delivered , but do not list an item as transfer when it is not. Liar liar pants on fire.
  6. Hi everyone... I have searched MP, but what I found were dance balls for club use. They were very extensive and expensive. I just want a nice slow romantic dance ball for my home. Not just one dance, a sweet selection. Thank you, bd
  7. SOLD! Priced for immediate sale (reduced), 1024m2 in Dunbeath. Scenic and peaceful. Objects can remain. Wonderful starter land. I moved to a larger lot. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dunbeath/161/124/24 come see! Happy Holidays all...
  8. How do I edit a post here? Need to change land price. Thanks
  9. Lovely 1024 starter land and cabin with docks and privacy. Objects can stay on land or simply return what you don't want. 351 prims. Price is 3000 L . Come see! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dunbeath/161/123/24 I loved it here. The only reason I am leaving is I bought a larger parcel with a larger home.
  10. aw too bad no I could not go there teleport said N/A ah well the search continues.....
  11. For me the ultimate feel good on SL happens when I can engage with someone in a conversation, giving each other our full attention. You know, when you feel heard, respected? There seems a whole lot of "hit and run" here...so those times when I can have a good chat matter. Sometimes that happens sitting on a SIM and one crosses your path. Compliments are hard to accept...esp. "you're beautiful", as it is only my avatar and she happened to come out nice.
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