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  1. Ok so my avatar is pregnant and I am currently using the Bento Belly hud. I am looking to keep this hud but need a mesh shape to help me with it. I don't know what to do. I also want to change up her look a little but don't know what would work best. Any suggestions?
  2. ok figured it out. I mispelled his username
  3. how do you turn on both names I'm not sure I have it on my own
  4. I have someone that I want to make my partner and he wants to become partners as well. I have a premium membership and he doesn't. I tried sending a partner request and was told the username didn't exists what should I do.
  5. This is the desk I purchased. The other items in the house came with it.
  6. I have rented a home and am looking for decorating ideas. The home came with a kitchen, table, couch and rug set, two furnished bedrooms and one furnished bathroom. I have turned one empty room into an office with furniture, but still have an empty bathroom and two empty rooms. I also want to add to the living room. I already have one fireplace and two tvs. The house also has an empty garage that I am able to put stuff in. Any suggestions would be appreciated. It is set on an adult zoned lot.
  7. I want to rent a place for Adult that supports the Mama Allpa Hud. Can anyone help me out? Not sure where to look.
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