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  1. Thankyou so much sis i issued the ticket 2 times maybe i can get help.. T_T
  2. Thanks for ur concern and i already mention that the person who had my password it was for some reason... well and my sobs were not dramatic in actual i have cried .. bcz for no reason i was banned and yes i submitted the ticket and got the reply too.. they said they scramble my password and sent me link.. but i cant get the link bcz of mt gmail.. i have forgotten gmail.. and bcz i m not able to recognize it and after all that i have request them to give me new password or send me link to another gmail so that i can login and reset my password and remove my gmail. And i m not a liar or dramatic person i m trying to get a help sorry. Sorry for inconvenience and the person who ever have done this to me i m gonna catch him. thankyou for your concerns and reply i hope i can get back to life
  3. Thanks for concern but i gave my PW to the person i was supposed to go far in rl as i am a vampire in progeny i need to feed everyday.. so that person said he would do that but .. and i trusted .. well and i made a ticket and they asked me about information of my rl i gave... then they say they scrambled my password and my acount is back to me.. so but bcz i forgt my gmail so i cant get link.... and they they i need to reset my password or make it,, but how can i even tho i forgot my gmail and now they crushed my password and i meantioned that already there.............. and i cant remember my gmail because when i joined sl i didnt about sl so i didnt wrote it anywhere .. like what i was filing in form... so idk what to do now.. :(((
  4. I havent done anything which can make them banned me.... T__T maybe some one else taking out his or her ego thro my account but why they did that and more likely i forgot my email so how do i know now... T___T
  5. Thanks to all giving time on my post.............. well i didnt do anything which will make them banned me..(sighs).. at first i lost my inventory then i tried login several times on that day then next day i tried to login so now i m having this *****ty problem...someone had my account password but that person is not likely to do that... idk why they did that and email that i entered to join sl i forgot that.... so now i really lost everything i guess even tho i submit a ticket yesterday.. how can LL do that with me what was my sin T__T *sobs*
  6. Omg i should i try again to see if i can do that or not ok so now i also cant see my name.............
  7. Well i m trying to submit ticket and its my second account so i m using this to report maybe i will be able to submit but with this account i searched my name and it came in sl ........... btw thanks for help
  8. thanks for reading this big stuff.... but the problem is i am unable to login from all aspects and i forgot my email so i dont think it will help me...................... sighs CAn you please send me the link for tickets??
  9. This is so unfair that first i whn i login i lost my INVENTORY and i lost even my friends then i tried to even clear the cache but nothing helped me... then next day i saw that i was not able to Login then i kept on tryin and trying and then it says login failed we cant complete your request this time check the support then i found that my account was on hold and the support was closed for christmas eve then i tried on 26 whn it was supposed to open then again it says same..... then i tried to login here in SL community then it says that Unable to access then i made this account. ANd till now i cant login and even can get any help bcz i cant login anywhere...... Am i supposed to compromise my account like that how hard is that to gather things and purchase.. is that a joke or a troll with me I CANT TOLERATE THIS AND I M NOT GETTING ANY HELP FROM ANYWHERE...... I m sorry to be loud this time but i feel like crying that how can this happen to me..... Please help me for gods sake i will be very thankful.. PLEASE FIX my account please i request. i like sl alot and i dont want to hate it and its my loss all over please help me and fix this problem My account username is khizrah
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