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  1. I'm sorry Rolig Loon i didn't mean to offend anyone, i just tought Staff members were active on the Forums and answered questions from both premium and non premium players
  2. I want to belive that the problem simply is my anti-virus thinking SLPLUGIN.EXE is a virus. But my problem comes when i look at: BMI Warning Name: Web Attack Malvertisement Website Redirect 10 Network traffic from: onclickprediction.com respond to the signature from a known attack, The attack is due to \Device\Hardiskvolume5\Program Files (86)\SECONDLIFEVIEWER\SLPLUGIN.EXE. To me it seems like this something is trying to use this SLPLUGIN.EXE and redirect me into something else and attack me that way. Would calm me down if someone from Second Life could tell me if this onclickprediction.com is somehow related to the Second Life game, but i'm afraid its not. It also rates the attack to be High Risk. What does SLPLUGIN.EXE do since Norton has to rate it that High, it dosnt seem right
  3. Hello everyone i'm back again today, i have done nothing other than scanning , scanning and scanning my my computer the whole weekend with defferent programs and today i was back online in Second Life. My whole day was brilliant for about 4 hours and the exact same thing happened as last time. I dont even need to write the Norton info about the attack becuase its literally the exact same problem as last time (right now i feel very frustrated)
  4. I'm sorry that one was my fault, it was not possible to copy paste the info from Norton so i had to write everything manually, i just miss spelled that part
  5. I'm not an expert on malware or viruses, how do i find out its even on my system if Norton does not detect and remove it by Scans, what do you advise me to do? do i have to send my computer to experts
  6. Thanks for responding so fast LittleMe Jewell I remembered one of you guys mentioning that SLPUGIN.EXE in the comments thats why i feelt it to be important to show that thing in my last comment. But i still have one giant question mark over my heard, did my anti-virus program (Norton) warn me purely because it thinks this SLPUGIN.EXE is a Virus (but its not) or did i get redirectet to somewhere when i clicked on something, becuase i see something callt: onclickprediction.com in my Network traffic and something callt Malvertisement Website Redirect in my BMI Warning I'm not expecting you to be an expert on this, i'm just asking questions that i dont have the asnwer to myself
  7. Thanks very much for all the good feedback guys I looked into the details of what was attacking me and where the attack came from. This is very Interesting because the IP adress of these attacks came from: United States, California, Mountain View I Googled Linden Lab wich is the creator of Second Life and found this information: The company's head office is in San Francisco, with additional offices in Boston, Seattle, Virginia and Davis, California. Its offices in Mountain View, Brighton, Singapore and Amsterdam were closed in 2010. At first i'm relieved because i see thier office is located in Mountian View wich is the same place as where i tracked the attack to come from, when i read it the secound time i notice thier office at Mountian View closed in 2010 so now i'm thinking what the ***** ? More information from Norton: Risk Status High Blocked Advanced information BMI Warning Name: Web Attack Malvertisement Website Redirect 10 Invasive URL: (Can write this if needed) Network traffic from: onclickprediction.com (not writing the full thing) respond to the signature from a known attack, The attack is due to \Device\Hardiskvolume5\Program Files (86)\SECONDLIFEVIEWER\SLPUGIN.EXE I want to thank you guys for your comments they brought my fears down and they were very usefull, i'm defenedly open to the idea of its my anti-virus thinking the media stuff is somekind of virus, the part with Mountian View makes me a little nervous due to that place should be closed? I also want to hear you guys thoughts on the information from Norton
  8. Hello everyone. I startet on second life three days ago and have allready experianced alot of worrying things in the game and all of this leads me to uninstalling the game on my third day. This makes me very sad, because i allready meet new people wich i have talket with all the time, when i have been online in the game and it hurts to quit the contact with them allready. Now i tell what i experianced and why i had to uninstall the game from Start to finish. On my first day i was exploring the world and somehow ended up in a place callt ''Canine Cove'' (mature place) explored thoses clubs/bars and walket out and wondered what was down the road from there, at the end of the road there was a house (This is the first time i see one of these black square's/boxes) When i get near this house i noticee a [black box/square] pupup for a mili scound up in the left conor of my screen. Inside the house i found a in-game computer wich i clicked on, when i cliked on it i noticed one of these black square boxes again and at this point i tought it was somepart of the secound life game and it was completely normal. On my secound day i was shoping in a mall named something like Alienmarket i cant remember the exact name, the reason i mention this is because my game crashed two times when i was inside one of these shopping malls The Third day is the Scary one. On the third day i'm together with one of my new in-game friends and we had to teleport to some place because i forgot to buy a thing for my dress the day before, i tell her to go to the place and send me a teleport because i dont know how to get to that place myself. I click on the teleport and exactly the same time as when i land there one of these black Square Boxes shows up in the left conor of my screen! and my anti-virus goes in full alarm mode telling me my computer is under Attack! and i look into it and see all red colors because its rated as a High Risk/major attempt at intrusion into my computer! I'm telling my in-game friend whats going on and logging off as fast as possible, shut down my computer and took a break. I dont know what to think of it, maybe it was just a freak accident i'm thinking. Maybe it was not related to Second Life i'm thinking. I'm wrong!. I come back online later and the same friend sends me a teleport to the exact same place as last time and BoOom [Black Square/Box] pupup in the left conor of my screen and my anti-virus program goes Warning your computer is under attack! all over again! I want to hear if you guys playing Second Life has had simmilar experiences, hope the people from Second Life will look into this I will try to download the game one more time and if something like this happens again i will quit the game for good
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