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  1. Thank you :) Fingers crossed...
  2. All right, thank you! It did work or I wouldn't have noticed the change... been using it since ever, so did my friends
  3. Thank you, yes I am aware, and so I answer only fresh messages that I received from an online sender... but as soon as they go offline, so does the service. They can't read me anymore when I reply them from email. Untill they log back in world... so far, I know of 3 of my friends that have the same issue and not only with messages coming from me... 2 of them are gmail users, I dont know about the 3rd...
  4. Actually... it does the same on Gmail... for me and another 3 friends on SL. Seems like we all receive IMs as long as the sender is online when writting us. The sender also receives our reply; as long as one of the 2 involved is online, all works like magic. But if you try to write to someone by answering and older offline from your email, and you both are offline, the message gets stuck in world, wont come through... Does anyone else have this issue? Any suggestions?
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