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  1. Thank you for your answers. You were right. Everything's fine: I now have Skrill as my payment method and I have funds on my account but I need to verify it in order to buy L$ here. I also think that's the problem (hopefully).
  2. Takes that long to verify? I meant the transaction though. I guess I'll need to be patient......
  3. My balance is 0, Skrill and SL. I'll try to verify my Skrill account. These transactions may take upto two days to complete, so I guess I'll have to wait and see if it works
  4. By "cash option" I mean that I paid at one of the available local stores where I live. I tried to buy L$ at Market Buy but it won't let me because the transaction isn't done. I get this when I try to choose Skrill as my payment method: "Your available balance is insufficient. Please upload funds using the Upload section of your account" (that's what I did. Then I paid at the store). * I used the "chat/invoice" option on the image.
  5. Ok, I figured it out myself... For those who need/want to use PaySafeCard, Bitcoin or Neteller and faster payment methods WITHOUT a credit card or bank account, the choice is Skrill. You create a Skrill account and then you'll be able to use those methods to make your transactions. I have one more question though: how long can a transaction take? I made the payment more than an hour ago (cash option) and my balance is 0. Same with Skrill account, nothing happened yet. Just asking. It's the first time I do this and I have my fingers crossed lol. Thanks.
  6. Hi. I'm not in the US but it's accepted where I live. I have the PIN ready to be used but I don't know how as I can't find the option on my billing info page
  7. I just came home with a PIN from PaySafeCard. I spent $200. I asked about different payment methods because I don't have a credit card. I asked after seeing PaySafeCard as an option on the site because I wanted to make sure that the info was correct! An adviser quoted the same info I read and told me to use PaySafeCard... What can I do now?
  8. Hello. I live in Argentina. I found on this site that I can make payments through PaySafeCard and I need to know if that info is correct, because I asked about payment methods before and nobody told me about it (I think it's a new option, isn't it?). I really need to be sure as I don't own a credit card and I can't use a Savings Account in SL. One more question please: is 1 american dollar worth 250 lindens? Thank you very much, Flinn.
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