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  1. It's a Credit Debit card. Anything that does not accept debit, often times gets pulled through credit first, and then master card will turn around and take the money from my account after they pay for what ever i am using something on. It's not a prepaid card, I checked. None of my cards have been prepaid. I think it would help if mentioned that if anyone is checking the name Jenie Yoshikawa on SL that's not the account this is about, it's for Rika Tachikawa.
  2. Oh dear god... it works on any other sites and services i use it on. ANYTHING i use it on. It's a credit/debit card. All i know is this card is from my bank and draws right from my account. I been using a card like this for a LONG time. And recently the card i WAS using went out of date, and i was sent a new card. I don't see why this bank card would not work since the last one did. I might have to use paypal... Paypal is linked right with my bank account.. This is ridiculous.. I can use it with Steam. I can use it with Amazon. I can use it with foren selling sites like Aliexpress. I can use it on my Nintendo eShop. I can use it pretty much anywhere. So i don't get this.
  3. I'm not sure what's going on. I'm trying to update my billing information, but it refuses to update. I deleted the old card i had on file, and put in the information on the new card i have now, and it's just not updating. Does it take awhile? I'm not sure what's going on. When i enter my information, the web page goes blank and does nothing. And when i check my bank account, it said a dollar was pulled or something. But then the dollar will vanished going back into my account.. but my information still refuses to update. Am i doing something wrong? Is there something wrong with the system?
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