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  1. I'm looking to make a teardrop shape, but the taper option isn't available. what's going on?
  2. Lindal Kidd Some Assembly Required instructed: "Right click yourself, choose My Goups. In the new window, righ click the group and choosse Active." My question is: what if "Activate" isn't highlighted, thus preventing me to click it?
  3. Thank you Lindal Kidd for your concern about the comment. I sometimes don't make my self clear the first comment. I won't be walking around with it in front of others. the reaction will come in the right time. I'm a clean player who usually goes by the rules, and I am fully aware of the location rating systems.
  4. the idea does seem interesting especially for a female to have male genitalia. Ever since I started playing SL (about two weeks now) I have been trying to find something fun for my female character. I also like to see how people react to things. Unfortunately I am low on funds. ($L5 which came to me by friend) I tried to follow both of your instructions, Luc and LoveAngeL, but I have gotten no where. Is there by chance something you can send me, or an update of information perhaps? If all else fails, I will be searching for Pay Pal cards, which is not a problem. Stay cool, zihargen
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