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  1. Perhaps. This is very different than any other program I have used before I will re-read everything. Thanks
  2. ok now when I add new hair I have an ugly black base that is showing and I was trying to play with the head HUD to make it either go away or look better but I couldn't figure that out either. should it be done in the head hud?
  3. ok so my next problem... I bought an outfit (this one: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LeCastle-Aleda-Sexy-Lingerie-Maitreya-Slink-TMP-HUD/12469356) and I can't wear the top and bottom together. it is either one or the other. how do I make it so I can wear both pieces together??
  4. I just wanna say thanks for the help so far. I really appreciate it
  5. ohhh ok and it should say in the details if it works with?
  6. this is what I have on. so is it catwa or lara I need compatible?
  7. well I switched to the catwa body thing and edited it to look like the lara shape. so the clothing has to be compatible with catwa to work I take it?
  8. ok I did the copy and edited the shape. it's looking good so far! thanks now lets see if I can figure out clothes lol
  9. also.. is there a way of seeing what head works with that body mesh?
  10. ok I changed the image. and I will try out your info. thnx
  11. also... sorry that i'm naked i'm still figuring out clothes lol
  12. I got a Lara mesh body that I am wearing. and the head I am trying to wear is Kimberly Catwa head. photo to show what I mean
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