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  1. One last question tho. Is it possible to script in a dancing animation and make it stop after a certain time?
  2. Thank you for your help everyone. I found something on MP I can modify! Cheers
  3. Could someone show me the script modification for keywords from object chats? I can pay you.
  4. So it works, but it doesn't get triggered by other people's chats or the messages sent out by spankers. How can i get it to recognize the slapper text?
  5. I want the word "ass" in chat to trigger a twerk animation. I've named everything correctly but the animation doesn't trigger. Is my script wrong? I have purchased this script from a creator, please don't use without permission.
  6. Thank you Rolig, wasn't sure as I am new here! Will look into it.
  7. Hi guys, I have a little project I'm working on for personal use in my photo studio. I have one pose stand that has a menu popup that I'd like to copy into my stand I use but idk which elements to copy over and what correlates with what. I keep getting a syntax error. If i copied and pasted the scripts here could someone help me merge them?
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