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  1. Thanks for the idea. I tried this and it was able to make the default hair dissapear by replacing the alpha layer with the hairbase. (Though it temporariily fixed the black patch)ill still be having the issue of everytime i want to wear alpha layers the black default hair will keep re-appearing in its place of transparency.
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    Again, so sorry. I didnt mean to spam. I wasnt sure where to best post in one place so i tried different places thinking it wasnt going to be visible
  3. Sorry. I was unsure where was the best place to post, so i ended up posting everywhere hoping people would be able to see it.
  4. Please help. i have spent hours trying to fix this problem. So heres my story. I just created a new account and i did this all from my ipad device using an app called lumiya. I used this app to login sl for the first time because my laptop was broken. i arrived in my first location and instead of being shown as a starter avi , i was invisible. So then i bought a new shape, with skin. I bought an outfit as well. Then when it came to wearing the alpha layers suddenly it made my whole head have a big black patch instead of seeing transparency like it was supposed to do. I tried everything to figure it out..from rebuying the whole complete avatar items to detaching off bits and pieces one by one. All i found out it does is everytime i wear any kind of alpha layer the same black patch would appear on top of my head. I still have no solution to this, except maybe the only way is to login using the fs viewer but that is the one thing i cant do since i dont have a laptop.
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