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  1. Still looking for an in world job (not a partner or date, thank you).
  2. Hello! I am Opal (poorolddragon) and I am interested in an sl job. I can dance, chat, strip, and so on. I have many avatars including a human (Maitreya with normie mesh head) and a furry (kemono fitted, dog paws, raawr head, vixen tail). If I am not a biped then I am in my teegle horse avatar. I in world on most days so I will be quick to reply to messages.
  3. Hi there! I am Opal or PoorOldDragon, but I prefer Opal. I am an adult female who is looking for a job in this fascinating game. I'm pretty new to the game but I am willing to learn and I have time. I prefer furry places but I also have a human lady avatar I can play with. In my spare time when I am not on SL I like to draw digital pictures of fantasy creatures, mostly dragons. Feel free to contact me!
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