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  1. if its your passion, go for it. That being said, there are a few good DJs in SL. but over the years everyone seems to want to be a DJ. Its like anything else in an entertainment indusrty type of format. you should have a degree of talent. Or at least the best venues will want to have talented DJs. Like many talents, DJ banter and creative interaction in front of, or broadcasting too an audience takes talent. Not everyone "has it". Now add to that the talent of music content and it's even more rare to find people that can be great at it. some people just have the knack or ability to recall songs and compile set lists with a flow, or can wing it and get a nice flow and vibe in their set list. some people can work at it and develope the skills to become a pretty good DJ. Fortunately SL has many venues with differing needs for DJs and you don't need to have those "professional" DJ skills to have fun. Work at it and find a place that fits you. P.S. I was considered a top DJ for many years in SL at some of the top rated clubs in various genre of music
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