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  1. Ah ok. So then how do you decide which mesh body to get? Was it based on the clothes made for that body? Where do you get the demos?
  2. I have to look classy for a job I am trying to get, so I was told to get some mesh outfits. However, I am finding out that I absolutely hate them. In order to fit into the standard sizes, I must decrease my bust size and increase my rear size. It makes me very depressed that I have to change who I am to make mesh clothing fit, plus, the mesh clothing looks less realistic to me than classic clothing with good textures and flexi prims. I am not going to be a happy camper if I have to dump a bunch of money into something that I hate. Upon my search, it was shared to me to look into fitted mesh, as it will wrap around your body and fit. However, I am finding this to not to be the case. Fitted mesh seems to only come in the standard sizes, or for specific avatar body types that are already mesh, not for classic avatars like myself. I was also told that there are sliders on these specific mesh avatars to look like what you want to look like, is this true? If so, then how does mesh clothing fit them? Also, it is important to know that I like being a "freebie queen" because the hunt for free items is fun to me, plus I, unfortunately, do NOT have a lot of money to dump into a mesh project, however, I REALLY would like this job. Should I be looking for specific mesh freebies to find out what I would like? I am lost and a bit unhappy. So: Is there a cheap way to like mesh and still be who I am? Can someone please enlighten me as to why mesh is so much more wonderful than my individual self, or rather, how I can stay who I am and still incorporate mesh? Thanks!
  3. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ Unscheduled MaintenanceSubscribe Investigating - We are performing an unscheduled maintenance to our login systems. Residents may experience log in issues in world as well as secondlife.com. Please keep an eye on this blog for status updates. Sep 6, 17:33 PDT
  4. And *BOOM* down it went! Firestorm website down too. Right when I was naked. Wonderful. LOL
  5. /me camps out on the forums until log in is available
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