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  1. Handlebars club search and stop on by
  2. we did it as a prank to one of our friends
  3. I actually would appreciate that because no idea where to even go
  4. I have always been part of mc since imvu days. Just trying to find one that fits me so wondering where to go and what not. Just miss the community in an MC
  5. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Avarua Bay/120/124/61
  6. So question with my post today Where can I hang to be around the MC Community on second life. Send me a message and hope yall have a safe black Friday and Happy Thanksgiving
  7. i don't want to spam but believe me from what i started with to getting here pretty proud yall look Great
  8. Hi i just started getting into sl again and ive been on imvu for years but i am not a newb here just don't get out much. Just wondering if its possible or if i should try something else. I loved the camaraderie of it when i was into it on VU. Just trying to find like minded people to hang out with.
  9. I work weekends so that is hard for me to do XD
  10. so i had a friend explain it to me but honestly it still really confuse the hell out of me. So I was thinking about paying the 22 a month for land so how does that work like after do i get cordinates to my slice of the Secondlife area. ETc i just need someone to dumb it down. Still kind of new to figuring everything out. Discord name is DistLyfe#7777
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