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  1. I remember the time when Windlights would automatically change, regarding the height they're set at, whether you're flying with your avatar or in a flying vehicle. Now that no longer seems possible with EEP and the only temporary fix is to stand (In a large flying vehicle) for it to change effects at a certain height (although works fine when flying normally with your avatar only). A fix or a patch would be greatly appreciated, since majority of people in my group are Sci-Fi roleplayers, and having this feature benefits us greatly by adding alien planets and such to the EEP layers, without the use of skyboxes. Cheers in advance.
  2. Not sure if this post is still active but, my new sim since January is alive and kicking. Mass Effect inspired, KT-7 Coalition, set in and around the same time as Andromeda, in a different cluster, far, far away from Heleus, called Mayal II. Colonised moon, orbiting a nearby Planet known as Ravix. 10 of us are usually the most active in the main RP group, 2nd in Command, Engineer's and Technicians, Maintenance, Combat, security, crew etc. The event leading up to Andromeda was pretty epic, and our 3rd loyalty mission is due soon, as well as our secret project. Contact me, or Xavithewolf for more information.
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