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  1. Ah ok. It just seemed fishy to me. Most accounts I've had I've closed. Mostly because they were themed around a certain character, or I had to put numbers in it, or I ws being bullied, stalked, harassed on it. Or I just got tired of it. Or in the case of this one, RL got in the way, & it was forgotten. But yeah I'll wait & see what they say, but, at this point, it doesn't bother me much. I can log in this account now, so worked on rebuilding an avvie last night.
  2. Hi. Last Friday 6.23.17(US). I sent a ticket to get my account reopened. I had made this one, & forgot about it. RL got in the way, & I came back, after awhile with a different account. ANYHOW I got a reply, answered what was needed, got the OK, that the account was reactivated, but, they wanted me to pick a new security Q & A, for safety reasons, so I did. Logged in, still got the account on hold page. Wrote back AGAIN, & got a different linden (I think it said Corky), asking is that the only way to spell the answer? I said yes. Then read on further & he/she wanted me to list all my alts, & their security Q & As. I had a bad feeling about that, but listed my accounts I CURRENTLY have, & what I think was my Qs. BUT nothing else. Should I be concerned? I have had accounts stolen, in the past, & even harassed off accounts, over the last 8 years. & I've left SL because of that, for months at a time, though I still have things I've passed down over the years, from my first account, as well as boxes of things I've made. Should I wait fot a reply? Should I change my PWs on my accounts? What should I do?
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